Timber Products’ Team Bike-Building Bonanza in Eugene, OR

Timber Products' Team Bike-Building Bonanza in Eugene, OR

Timber Products, the woodworking wizards, embarked on a hilarious Build-A-Bike® team building event in the lively city of Eugene, OR. With 60 eager participants from all corners of the country, this event became the quarterly gathering that fueled the company’s vibrant culture.

Founded back in 1918, Timber Products has been rocking the wood industry with its top-notch hardwood plywood and sustainable practices. From multiple manufacturing facilities to an import division and nationwide logistics, they’ve got the whole timber game covered.

Timber Products Employees Unite for Bike-Building Bonanza in Eugene, Oregon

When it was time to spice up their company culture, Timber Products didn’t hold back. They unleashed the power of a rib-tickling Build-A-Bike® team building event that had employees from sales, operations, and finance rolling in laughter. Colleagues from different corners of the country joined forces, proving that they’re not just timber experts but bike-building maestros too!

With wrenches in hand and laughter in the air, the participants had a riot assembling bicycles for kiddos in need. They were on a mission to bring joy and two-wheel adventures to children’s lives while showcasing their impressive bike-building skills. And guess what? One group even performed an impromptu rap inspired by the legendary tune “Ice, Ice Baby.” Talk about rhythm on two wheels!

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We raise our imaginary bike helmets to Timber Products for their dedicated employees who pedaled their way to success in this uproarious event. A massive shoutout to the Boys & Girls Club of Emerald Valley for partnering up and joining the fun. Together, they created memories, laughter, and a positive impact that will echo through the timber-filled halls for years to come. Keep pedaling and spreading joy!