NTT DATA’s Bike-Building Extravaganza in Ravenel, South Carolina

NTT Data Build-A-Bike Event in South CarolinaA remarkable gathering of 160 participants took place in Ravenel, South Carolina, as NTT DATA organized an unforgettable Build-A-Bike® team building event. This event brought together top executives from around the globe as part of the NTT DATA President’s Club meeting. It also providing an opportunity for them to give back to the community.

NTT DATA, a trusted global innovator of IT and business services. It is headquartered in Tokyo. And it is also a part of the NTT Group. They assist clients in their transformation journey through a wide range of services. From consulting to industry solutions, business process services to IT modernization and managed services, NTT DATA combines global reach with local attention. They serve clients in over 50 countries. And they also enable these clients to confidently embrace the digital future.

NTT DATA Unites Executives for Build-A-Bike® Event in Ravenel, SC

The NTT DATA President’s Club brought together esteemed executives from around the world. However, the final day of their conference kicked off with a thrilling Build-A-Bike® event. This hands-on team building activity allowed the executives to connect and have fun. It also allowed them to make a positive impact by assembling bicycles for a worthy cause.

EB Ellington Elementary School, a deserving beneficiary, carefully selected 20 students to be part of this extraordinary occasion. Going the extra mile, the school arranged a special field trip to bring the students to the island resort where the event took place. Upon arrival, the team members had the joy of personally delivering the donated bikes to the students.

To make the experience even better, NTT DATA invited the students to lunch on the terrace. This just added to the memories for both the young participants and the esteemed executives.

We extend our deepest appreciation to NTT DATA for organizing this exceptional event. And our heartfelt thanks to EB Ellington Elementary School for their collaboration and unwavering support. Together, your collective efforts have made a lasting and positive impact on the lives of these fortunate students.

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