The Original Build-A-Bike ® Team Building Activity

Build A Bike Charity EventBuild-A-Bike ® is the original philanthropic team building event. We revolutionized fun team building event delivery! 12 years ago, The Leader’s Institute ® came up with a brilliant idea to combine fun team building activities with charity donations. Viola! As a result, the philanthropic team building industry was created almost overnight.

Bike team building events like Build-A-Bike ® are great alternatives at annual meetings or conventions. These activities also add fun and philanthropy without increasing your investment! In addition, The Leader’s Institute ® is still the industry leader in bike team building activities. In the past decade, we’ve given away over $3.5 Million worth of bicycles to needy kids in cities all over the US, Canada, and Europe.

Build-A-Bike ®

Build a Team…

Build a Community!


This event was the highlight of our marketing kickoff. Our team members were beaming with pride in the work we did together that was supportive of the local community. Having the kids there to get their bikes and celebrate with us was just over the top.— Jeanne Talbot

Philanthropic Bicycle Team Building:

  • Allows for fun teamwork with a purpose.
  • It also lets team members build teamwork in a high energy team activity.
  • In addition, it creates an emotional conclusion that will have your team clamoring about the experience.
  • Finally, we customize each program into 1.5-hour to three-hour team events. You can also add fun classroom training for a one-day or two-day team retreat.

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Build-A-Bike ® Team Building Materials & Logistics

Looking for a self-facilitated version of the event? We can help. We manufacture bicycles that are specifically designed for charity events. The bikes are fairly easy to assemble. In addition, the bikes are unisex. (Charities sometimes bring the wrong number of boys and girls to the program. As a result, you can order bikes and helmets from our warehouse. We will also ship the materials directly to you on a “just in time” basis. So, you won’t have to store anything. For full details, visit our logistics website at