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Build a Team, Build a Community, Build-A-Bike

The Original Build-A-Bike ® Team Building Activity

Build-A-Bike® is the original charity team building event. We revolutionized fun team building event delivery! 12 years ago, The Leader’s Institute ® came up with a brilliant idea to combine fun team building activities with charity donations. Viola! As a result, the philanthropic team building industry was created almost overnight.  Bike team building events like Build-A-Bike ® are great alternatives at annual meetings or conventions. These activities add fun and philanthropy without increasing your investment! In addition, The Leader’s Institute® is still the industry leader in bike team building activities. In the past decade, we’ve given away over $2.5 Million worth of bicycles to needy kids in cities all over the US, Canada, and Europe.

Philanthropic Team Building:

  • Allows for fun teamwork with a purpose.
  • It also lets team members build camaraderie in a high energy team activity.
  • In addition, it creates an emotional conclusion that will have your team clamoring about the experience.
  • Finally, we customize each program into 1.5-hour to three-hour team events. You can also add fun classroom training for a one-day or two-day team retreat.

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Build a Team… Build A Community… Build-A-Bike ®

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