Nestle Purina’s Tech Titans Join Forces at Build-A-Bike® Event in St. Louis, Missouri

Nestle Purina's Tech Titans Join Forces at Build-A-Bike® Event in St. Louis, MissouriGet ready for a tech-tastic adventure. Nestle Purina’s finest tech enthusiasts gathered in St. Louis, MO for an epic Build-A-Bike® team building event. With forty participants fueled by innovation and collaboration, this event was not your ordinary coding session. It was a chance for the Nestle Purina IT team to unite, showcase their skills, and pedal towards success.

Nestle Purina is the powerhouse behind some of the world’s leading pet food brands. Their mission? Revolutionizing the pet industry by leveraging cutting-edge tech solutions. From data-driven analytics to streamlined logistics, they’re the tech-savvy heroes who keep tails wagging.

Nestle Purina’s Unforgettable Build-A-Bike® Journey

Picture this: Tech wizards of all coding languages and software expertise joining forces to build more than just bikes. They were constructing a stronger IT team. With wrenches in hand (instead of keyboards,) they embarked on an exhilarating journey of problem-solving, teamwork, and innovation.

Traditional nuts and bolts replaced lines of code as teams collaborated to assemble their two-wheeled creations. Next, the air crackled with excitement and laughter as the Nestle Purina IT team showcased their mechanical prowess. This wasn’t just about building bikes. It was also about building a connected and collaborative IT department.

Through the hum of servers and the clickety-clack of keyboards was absent, Nestle Purina’s IT team showcased their dedication to creating a positive and engaging team environment. The event celebrated their values of innovation, collaboration, and excellence. It was a reminder that behind their tech-driven solutions lies a team of passionate individuals who strive to revolutionize the pet industry.

We extend our heartfelt appreciation to the tech titans at Nestle Purina for their generous donation. Your commitment to pushing technological boundaries and driving innovation is truly inspiring. Keep coding, keep innovating, and keep making tails wag!

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