Build-A-Bike Scrapbook 2017

2017 Build-A-Bike ® Team Building Photo Scrapbook

2017 was another growth year for the Build-A-Bike ® team building program. This video is the 2017 Build-A-Bike ® Team Building Photo Scrapbook. It is a summary of the hundreds of Build-A-Bike ® events that we led in 2017. We tried to include the logos of all of our 2017 clients. For time sake, though, we only included photos from a small percentage of the events that we led. However, we have photos from all of the events. So if you see your company’s logo in the video and want us to send you a photo or two from your event, you can request them via Twitter @leaderinstitute.

Total Participants Represented in the Bike Team Building Photo Scrapbook

We had over 11,100 people participate in Build-A-Bike ® programs in 2017! We donated a total of 1852 bicycles to charity this year as well. The total of donations from Build-A-Bike ® programs this year was $277,650. We have the best clients in the world. The companies who hire us to deliver these programs know the value of a great charity team building event. They also know that when you give back to your community, you benefit as well. 1852 young children left a Build-A-Bike ® event this year with a fantastic smile on their face and a brand new bicycle.

Total Participants and Bikes Since 2005

With the donations from 2017, that brings the total number of bikes donated to… (drum-roll…)


In the last 12 years, this event has become the most recognized charity team building activity in the world. We have helped 23,494 kids get healthier and have something of their very own. The number of participants who have attended these events since 2005 is over 142,000! In addition, the total value of these donated items in over $3,524,000 dollars!

If you’d like to add some fun to your next meeting and help kids in your community, call us at (800) 872-7830.

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